5 Tips for Redecorating on a Budget

5 Tips for Redecorating on a Budget


Sometimes a room just needs a little refresh! Don’t let the cost of redecorating hold you back from giving your living room, office, bedroom a new look.

I get the itch to redo things often, and I’ve found budget-friendly ways to do it over the years. The key here is to focus on simplicity, which is why these are fairly easy to do.

Here are my top five tips for redecorating without breaking the bank: 

1. Rearrange your furniture

No funds needed here! This just requires a little creativity and some potential heavy lifting. 

We get so used to how our homes are set up. By simply moving around the furniture, it makes the room feel like an entirely new space! Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to assess what pieces you already have and do a little rearranging. Some things to ask yourself:

  • Can I move big pieces of furniture (couch, bed, chairs, etc.) to another side of the room?
  • Can I move wall decor around?
  • Can I bring in anything from another room of that house?

Also, don’t be afraid to ask yourself, “Is there anythingI can get rid of?” Especially when you’re redecorating a small house, decluttering goes a long way in giving a room a new look.


2. Paint the walls

Sometimes the only thing a room needs is a fresh splash of color. The cost of paint is easier to manage than the cost of a complete rehaul of a space. One thing I especially like doing if I’m redecorating on a budget is to just add an accent wall. This is where one wall is painted a different color to stand out from the rest, or as an “accent.” Not only can this make a big difference in how you view the space, it’s more affordable to buy paint for just one wall as opposed to four or more. 

Look at your existing color palette to determine what color would look best. If the room you’re redoing is currently gray, consider a pop of blue or orange depending on the rest of your decor.


3. Focus on small decor changes 

If redecorating for you means adding new pieces to a room, it’s still possible to do it on a budget! I recommend focusing on smaller items, such as the Cactus Cowboy print or 9" Faux Cactus. Not only is this more affordable but it helps you narrow down your search for decor that goes with the aesthetic you’ve already established with larger, more expensive pieces.

Redecorating doesn't mean you need a new couch, but adding a couple of new throw pillows helps to give that same old couch a fresh new look! 


4. Get crafty

With the internet, there’s never been a better time to roll up your sleeves, get out your crafting supplies, and DIY some new decor! From a simple Google search to Pinterest, there is no shortage of information available on creating or refurbishing budget-friendly pieces for your home. 

Right now, we’re seeing a ton of people painting with stencils to give furniture a new, Aztec inspired look. Not only does this make for a unique decor twist, but it is also a low cost option since you’re working with furniture you’ve already purchased! I love the work being done by @marijka_dam that shows how this can look when finished! 


5. Go Thrifting 

Who said redecorating needs to involve brand new furniture and decor? Some of my best finds have been secondhand. Check out local thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, and flea markets! 

The thing to remember about thrifting is to be patient and take your time. Some great items might be buried or the first place you visit might not have anything that fits your style. Don’t give up right away. Try a few different places to find the perfect piece–a mirror, rug, or piece of art–to breathe fresh (and affordable) life into your home.

Don’t ever let your budget stop you from redoing a room or two. With a little creativity, you’ll find there are a ton of affordable options when it comes to redecorating your home.

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