5 Small House Living Tips

5 Small House Living Tips

So many of you reached out to me about my “no couch” post I decided to share some tips I’ve learned living in small houses! 🤍


Tip 1: Declutter.

I know I know, you might need that old magazine next winter when you’re bored right? Wrong. You’ll never look at it and you know it. Take it from me, once you learn to throw things away and declutter your house you’ll never go back. I’m the queen of throwing things away👸🏼

Quality over quantity is key when living in small spaces. Whether it's clothing, furniture, or just junk that the kids drag home. When it comes right down to it you don't need it and will probably never use it or look at it again.

Decluttering your home will also help you keep it clean and tidy which is proven to decrease stress, improve productivity, and help you sleep better! 


Tip 2: Creative storage.

When you live in a small house sometimes you have to get creative! Just because it doesn’t belong in that room, doesn’t mean you can’t store it there. 

I have extra towels under the bed, my crockpot lives upstairs, sweaters are in my office, and the vacuum is in the pantry. It's all neatly stored and easy to access. It just happens to not be in the room it's "supposed to go in" and that's okay. Think outside the box when it comes to storing items that aren’t frequently used! It’ll keep you and your home organized and decluttered. 

Furniture with storage in it is great as well. My coffee table has storage along with my soft table!


Tip 3: Go round. 

It might be time to go round, and I don’t mean merry-go-round. Swapping out some of your square or rectangle furniture for round pieces will make your small home feel and look larger. Round furniture is also easier to walk around in tight spaces, getting rid of those sharp corners clears up a lot of space. 

Ideas for round furniture are almost endless. My dining room table is a round drop-leaf that I refurbished myself. I was acutely forced to go round because a square or rectangle table literally won’t fit in my kitchen/dining room.  

Round end tables, coffee tables, and night stands are great pieces to cut down on space. Throw a round rug under a round coffee table and you might be surprised how adorable it is! 


Tip 4: Embrace smaller furniture.

Bigger isn’t always better and if you live in a small house bigger is never better. There is nothing worse than feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your own home. Select a few pieces of furniture that are comfortable and that you love. Take it from me, less is more, I don’t even own a couch🤣

A few ideas of things you can cut back on or remove; one end table between the chairs instead of two. Do you really need a coffee table the size of Texas? No😉 Do a chest of drawers not a full dresser, hang those jeans up instead of shoving them all in drawers!

We cut back on seating inside and added seating outside! I have a table and chairs on my back deck along with chairs around a fire pit. Everyone loves a good fire or a back deck BBQ!


Tip 5: House plants. 

This is my favorite tip and list tip (for now.) House plants aren’t only good for you and the air in your home but they make your home brighter and more lively. I have house plants in almost every room of my house and it adds that home feel even in a small space where you are limited in decorticating options. 

One option for house planting in small homes is macrame hangers. If you don’t have space for a plant stand or room on a table or windowsill, hang it above the window. It will get plenty of light and macrame hangers are adorable! 

I know not all of us have a green thumb so here is a list of great starter plants that are easy to keep alive😂  A Snake Plant, Wandering Jew, Anthurium, Air Plant, and Aloe plants are all easy keepers who live with or without water give or take a few weeks😉 

I personally have or have had all of these plants (T says I’m now allowed to get any more plants😐) and they are beautiful and easy to keep alive!  My personal favorite is my wandering jew, I love vining plants that grow quickly and they are also extremely easy to get starts of off so you can share with your friends🤗 

For those of you who love the look but not the care, faux plants are for you!


I hope you found a little inspiration in these helpful tips. Let me know what you want to see more of on my blog! 

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