Top 7 Western Home Decor Trends for 2023

Top 7 Western Home Decor Trends for 2023

As hard as it is to believe, 2023 is just around the corner! For me, a new year is a fresh start. There’s no better place to start fresh than in my own space. To do that, I’m looking ahead at some of the upcoming major western home decor trends.

These trends will help you shop Christmas sales, make your Christmas lists, and navigate the post-holiday sales. 

Here’s the top seven trends on the horizon in western home decor:

1. Black  

There’s no denying it: black is back. In general, I’m seeing a shift away from white toward darker colors. Consider making your space more dramatic with a wall piece like this Rustic Bronze 3-Set Arrows Native American Decor or bedding like Diamante Blanket! Relying on natural light with a dark aesthetic will really set your space apart. 

2. Vintage

Honestly, bringing back beloved past styles is one of my favorite trends. It makes the rounds every few years, and I’m always here for it. For a while now, minimalism has dominated home design. I don’t see that completely going away in 2023, however, I’m seeing a rise in more decorative styles such as these vintage western posters. It’s safe to say that vintage is in (again)! 

3. Throw Pillows

I’ve always been a big fan of throw pillows, and I’m excited to see everyone else getting on the decorative pillow train. Some people might not get why you need an extra pillow (or two), but I completely understand that a unique piece, such as this Old West pillow, adds just the right pop of personality. What makes them great is that they can be used all over your house–living room, bedroom, and even the front porch! My motto has always been–when in doubt, add a throw pillow.


4. Leather

2023 is the year we embrace our love for leather (real or faux!). And why not? It’s a beautiful and versatile material. From furniture to poufs and pillows, you can expect to add a leather piece to your home in some capacity this upcoming year. These faux pillow covers are a great way to incorporate the leather look into your bedroom or living room! 

5. Cowhide

I think this might be my favorite trend of the new year! In the past, cowhides have mostly been used as floor rugs. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good cowhide rug. But now this material is flexing its muscles and showing off what it can do. Cowhides are starting to pop up in other places around the home, too.  You can now find them on the wall as decor, on dining room tables as a runner and even chairs! I’m also seeing a major shift toward mini cowhide rugs, which I think is the best way to dip your toes into a western aesthetic or add a little flare around your house. 

6. Curves

This one shouldn't come as a big surprise. Arcs and rounded shapes have been creeping their way onto everyone’s radar for a while. After years of the square, hard edges, it’s neat to watch things start to soften a bit. Circular rugs and crescent sofas have already caught people’s attention, but now curves are popping up in other places as well. These Farmhouse Wood Shelves with Black Metal Frame are the perfect example of the shift I’m seeing to more rounded edges.

7. Non-traditional Accessories 

The rise in unique living room accessories is exciting. I’ve never really been a fan of the whole traditional coffee table book trend. Other people are starting to agree. Now, pieces like this White + Gold Mini Faux Longhorn Skull are being used more and more to anchor a room than the more traditional books or small sculptures.


You may not have your New Year’s resolution down yet, but at least you now have an idea on how to decorate in 2023.

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