The Western Hustle Podcast - The owner of WHD

The Western Hustle Podcast - The owner of WHD

I'm excited to announce that I'm the guest on this weeks episode of The Western Hustle podcast!  This podcast is hosted by Sophia Sulzner, founder of The Punchy Posse and The Western Shop Specialist. This podcast brings together female entrepreneurs from all walks of life as we share our stories and interests. 

On this episode Sophia and I talk about business, rodeo, travel, and more! Including how me and my fiancé got together! I'm excited for my friends, family, and customers to get a glimpse into Trevor and I's lives and maybe get some inspiration to follow their own dreams! 

"India is a breath of fresh air as she shares how she went from being a full-time farmer with her dad and brother to being a fully remote entrepreneur living her best life." - Sophia 

Listen here!

The Western Hustle Podcast Episode 6



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