Modern Western Style

Modern Western Style

When you say the word ‘western’ most people immediately think of gunfighters in the streets, cowboys in 13MWZ’s, and Texas stars. But there has been a shift in our western culture in the last two years, especially for women. Courtenay DeHoff lit a fire with her #fancyladycowgirl posts on her Instagram and I gotta say, I’m in full support of this. I wasn’t raised going to rodeos or on a 5,000 acre ranch, I’m from a small cattle farm in Iowa and the most cowgirl it ever got for me was running barrels at the local fun show. Now I’m marrying a NFR bull rider and we travel the country going to the largest professional rodeos in the country. I’m not exactly the picture of a normal rodeo wife to say the least, but I’m okay with that!

When it comes to our small farm house in rural Iowa it also isn’t exactly your “normal western” style either. With it being an older farm house I have to get creative with small changes, renovations, and even decor. The home decor is a mix of buckles, spurs, and other miscellaneous trophies. Along with boho rugs, metal cut out signs, and marble picture frames that give it a more modern western feel that I love.

I love my color pallet of white, gray, light blue, and tan. With this palette I can mix in turquoise and burnt orange for accent colors, my living room rug is the perfect example of that and I get so many compliments on it! Read more about color pallets on my blog 3 Tips for Decorating with a Color Palette.  Switching up your color pallet and decor is a great and affordable way to update your style to the modern western style. 

Follow my Instagram and Pinterest, search on Pinterest, and follow some of the top western influencers to see their styles and take inspiration from them!  Above all, remember to be yourself, you don’t have to follow the trends or feel awkward about your home just because it doesn’t look like everyone else's. Trust me, if I tried to follow the “open kitchen shelving” trend, my plates would be covered in dog hair…

Some of my favorite influencers to follow for home design are: 




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