How to Decorate with Mirrors

How to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are for more than hair checks and brushing your teeth. They might serve a functional purpose in the bathroom but outside of the bathroom, mirrors are an often overlooked decor piece that your home might be missing!

I’ve found that mirrors work in almost any area of the home to add light, open up a space, or just provide a unique twist to a home’s aesthetic. Here are some ways to help you decide where and how to decorate with mirrors:  

Place opposite a window

Want to increase the natural light of a room? A mirror does the trick! You might not realize it, but mirrors are an excellent way to reflect and maximize light if positioned correctly. By placing a mirror on the opposite wall of a window echoes the light, which can work wonders in a room of any size. 


Treat like a piece of art 

Sometimes a mirror is the center art piece your room needs. Position it as you would any other art decor. This might mean layering it with others or making it part of a gallery, adding a solid frame, or centering it somewhere prominent such as above the fireplace. 

Mirrors that work best with this have bold architectural details or unique design. You’ll want something like this Vintage Natural Narrow Framed Wall Mirror to make a statement, just as artwork does. 


Mix with wall decor 

Because of their reflection, mirrors do a lot to open up space. I’ve found that intermixing them with other wall decor such as posters or painting goes a long way in opening up a room or hallway. 

Look for frames in a unique shape or with a fun frame. This way the mirror can still subtly blend right in with the rest of your decor. 


Place where there could be a window

Personally, I love natural light! It gives a room an open and airy feel to it. But our homes don't always have windows exactly where we want them, which makes mirrors a great second choice. Especially in smaller homes, positioning a mirror where a window could be is a life-saver! It reflects the light in the room making it brighter and more open. 


Add texture

There are other elements to consider beyond placement. Some mirrors already come with texture, like this Dark Wood Hexagonal Frame Wall Mirror. A frame of any kind adds pop to a mirror to make it more of a decor piece. 

You can find frames in a variety of colors, materials, and styles in order to find the best fit for your home. 


Don’t underestimate the power of a mirror when it comes to decor! There are plenty of options to help you use them around your home while keeping interior design the focus.

Mirrors are a great option for making a space look bigger. For more tips on how to open up a small room, check out my blog “7 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger.


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