3 Ways to Decorate with Cowhide Rugs

For many looking to add a western flair to their home decor, a cowhide is the perfect edition to any room. It adds a nice spark of personality while still maintaining the rustic aesthetic you’re looking for. Not only are they super soft, but cowhide rugs function well in various color schemes. For example, you can use the neutral color to blend in or add a dramatic touch to an otherwise minimal interior. It’s up to you! 

Many people think that cowhide rugs are limited to being just that–rugs. But that simply isn’t the case! There are several ways to use one beyond just putting it on the floor. 

Here are my three favorite ways to decorate with a cowhide that isn’t just using it as a rug: 


Table Runners

Some of the most common places people place cowhide rugs is under the dining room table or under a coffee table in the living rooms. But have you thought about going ON the table instead of under it?

Mini cowhide rugs make great, unique table runners for dining room tables, or coffee and sofa tables, too. If you’re working with a smaller table and worried that a cowhide rug will be too large or too much–don’t worry, it looks great when they run over the edges!

Since these rugs are so eye-catching, they work as a runner and the main decoration piece for the table all in one. You want to make sure your cowhide rug isn’t competing with too many other elements when using it as a table runner.


Wall Decor

We’re seeing more and more people embracing rugs as pieces to hang as decor, instead of just laying on the floor. While it may seem unconventional to use any kind of rug this way, rugs as wall decor fill your vertical space up with texture, color, and warmth! If you have blank wall space and you aren’t sure how to fill it, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for.  

Cowhide rugs vary in color and patterns, so you’ll be able to find the perfect piece to hang up as decor in your living room, bedroom, or hallway! It can be a bold pattern to make a statement or more neutral and subtle to blend in with the rest of the room. For example, this 6.5 Ft Champagne Cowhide Rug would add a soft color to any room as a piece of wall decor. 


Rug Layers 

Yes, this is technically using cowhide as a rug. But, it does add a fun twist! Layering rugs creates texture and experimenting with color tones. 

This can be done layering two rugs together (such as a cowhide and an area rug) or simply layering the cowhide rug over carpet. Before you make your decision, you’ll want to take into account the aesthetic of the room and the look you’re going for. 

In general, avoid layering a patterning cowhide with other patterns as it becomes too noisy and overwhelming. You want the two rugs to complement each other, not clash. If you’re using a patterned cowhide like Black and White Cowhide Rug, you might consider looking for a solid white or black area rug (look at faux fur!) to pair with it. 

Don’t be scared to get creative with your cowhide rugs. They’re a staple in modern, Western home decor–but that doesn’t mean you have to use them the same as everyone else! 

A key part of using a cowhide rug is knowing how to take care of one. Learn the necessary steps on our blog, “How to Care for Your Cowhide Rug.”

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